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Yesterday (2020 December 28) I got a notification about a "payment received" through PayPal. This wasn't making much sense to me as I really am not receiving any payments through PayPal.

I looked down through the message, to see if I could figure out how it had gotten to me, and I saw that it was through Librepay, and my donation thing through them.

With looking at that, I kind of looked at what I am currently doing for the projects I'm currently running (mostly this site to be honest, but there are a few other things which go on).

I have 3 different virtual machines which host this, a site which is an older site I haven't found a way to safely move to a better way of hosting it so is staying up for now, and our mail server.

We also have a number of domain registrations which at various times we've wanted (and sometimes actually did) do things with.

This I think costs about $40/month (US Dollars) (some of it is monthly, and some of thisis less frequently than that, but over the year it's around that). That might be a bit low, as I haven't calcuated it fully.

If I could get donations which amount to that, it would be really nice.

Currently I am using Ko-Fi and Liberapay for donations, and I want to try the direct PayPal donation button:

Which I'm going to put on the footer for the site, as well. The links above to Ko-Fi and Liberapay both work.

I like Ko-Fi because it has some options I ended up losing when I quit using Patreon such as being able to post updates there, and now options I never had with Patreon like being able to sell stuff through there.

I like Liberapay because when I started with them, they had a nice wallet system (which they have had to remove) where I could just have all donations go into the wallet at once, and just add new ones or cancel as I wished, and it would go on a weekly or whatever basis.

And with Liberapay a lot (I think most) of their code is actually open source, meaning that as long as the payment processor issue can be resolved (and if their current code includes what they have setup for that, it's pretty trivial), anyone can end up running a similar service in fairly short order.

Unfortunately, they pretty much only do the payment processing. But that seems to be enough. Even the €13.00 which I receive once a year (for 52 weeks worth of payment) makes it worth using, and besides, I support other projects there.

I am also willing to setup other options, though I doubt I'll go back to using Patreon even if that's the "best option" for a person. I got enough from the people I received donations from to make it worthwhile, and unless the supporters are new people, I'm not too keen on setting stuff up there.

This is way longer than it should have been, but that's me. I think that what I want is clear enough. So I'll leave it there.

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