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Open Psychology Work Stream — Work Done — 2017 December 29

Here I am writing what I have done so far with the stream, and continuing with what I will be doing for the next little while so what have I done? Got microphone working.  Though I have too low volume, and the keyboard noise is far too much. Wrote a brief post about what I […]

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Open Psychology Project — Done Work — 2017 December 23

Hey there, I am just starting on some work.  Right now so far I have done a little bit of work, I have: Created a quick “stream going live” post: Posted to Twitter (configured it) Posted to Linked In Updated Previous To-Do: Posted to Twitter Posted to Linked In. Working on this Done post… Now […]

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Open Psychology Stream — To Do — 2017 December 23

Let’s look at what I have for To Do tasks. I think I’ll start with what I have for the Datse Multimedia Stream list: Look at latest To Do Look at latest Done Create New To Do As Working, Create New Done Let’s see what we have for latest todos? Previous To-Dos New ones at […]

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