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Open Psychology Work Stream — Starting now

Just writing this at the early part of the stream.  I am working on Open Psychology stuff.  I have a few things that I want to do within the next little while (might take a few months) and want to list them here as I will be working with some of this today: Spoon Theory/Splines […]

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Open Psychology Project Video Stream (may be NSFW) starting now

Right now, I am working on some stuff with the Open Psychology Project, there may be some NSFW content (talking about topics of sexuality).  The content should be safe unless you are very conservative (and if you are, you probably aren’t even reading this). I stream on https://picarto.tv/JigmeDatse, and you can look at what I […]

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Open Psychology Stream starting (now) 29 hours late…

Just starting the Open Psychology Stream for the day.  I’m not sure how long this will go today.  Going to open up a couple of posts for today’s stream just right now… The stream is running at https://picarto.tv/JigmeDatse. I think I really am going to focus on writing for today.

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