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Open Psychology Work Stream — Work Done — 2017 December 29

Here I am writing what I have done so far with the stream, and continuing with what I will be doing for the next little while so what have I done? Got microphone working.  Though I have too low volume, and the keyboard noise is far too much. Wrote a brief post about what I […]

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Open Psychology Work Stream — 2017 December 29 — To Do List

Let’s look at what I have for To Do tasks. I think I’ll start with what I have for the Datse Multimedia Stream list: Look at latest To Do Look at latest Done Create New To Do As Working, Create New Done Let’s see what we have for latest todos? Previous To-Dos New ones at […]

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Open Psychology Project Video Stream (may be NSFW) starting now

Right now, I am working on some stuff with the Open Psychology Project, there may be some NSFW content (talking about topics of sexuality).  The content should be safe unless you are very conservative (and if you are, you probably aren’t even reading this). I stream on https://picarto.tv/JigmeDatse, and you can look at what I […]

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