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Play Stream – 2018 January 29 – Early Start

Today is a Play Stream day, and I have started early, I don’t know how well it will go but Loading Artist inspired me to do a bit of work.  So I am.  I was also seeing a number of things which I should be doing. First off, I’ve already written a Patreon Post for the […]

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Open Psychology Stream – 2018 January 26 – Work Done

This will be work done today: Saved Draft of Work Done Saved Draft of To Do for Today Wrote Stream Start Wrote the To Do List for Today Looked at Social Media Stuff Added Tumblr Added Google+ Speeq.me is down – Check later. Streaming work Tweet asking about Splines Theory. New topics: Sarcasm Literalism Wrote […]

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Open Psychology Stream – 2018 January 26 – Stream Start

I have started (about 25 minutes ago when this will be posted I think, 22 at the time of writing this sentence) the work stream. I believe that I have got myself able to do these streams a bit better than I expected.  I just went through a bunch of messing with all my settings.  […]

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