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This is for my Art Play streams. These are currently unscheduled. They are just playing with Art.

Picarto Art Play Stream — 2018 January 15 — Done

I haven’t really looked at this all that much: Start Stream This stream start didn’t go so well… I couldn’t get the microphone working I figured it out: If I set Pulseaudio to autostart it works It won’t work if it’s not autostarting Started stream Do drawings Today I wasn’t getting everything together, so: Get […]

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Picarto Art Stream — Play Stream — 2018 January 15 — Stream Starting

Initially I felt that I would use these Monday night get in the mood things to do some gaming.  As I’m not much of a gamer, that really hasn’t worked out, but I have been enjoying the odd bit of playing with art lately, so I am going to work on having the art play […]

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Work Done — 2017 December 18

Prior to stream: Setup site to document work done for Patreon stuff Work on getting it up and going During Gaming Stream Microphone Off Microphone On Look at Offline image… I have a working version I think that is good for the Picarto jobs… Let’s look at the streams I do: Gaming Create a […]

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Art Play Streams — To Do — 2017 December 18

These are currently not scheduled, and happen whenever I feel inspire. The point of these is just to play with a variety of different things. Look at latest To Do Look at latest Done Create New To Do As Working, Create New Done These are far less formal.  I don’t really have any of that […]

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