Art Stream – 2018 January 29 – Work Done

OK, here goes…  What work have I done:

  • Wrote post about the work from Friday on Patreon
    • That’s great…
  • Wrote a Stream Start for today
  • Wrote a To Do for Today
  • Started to look at stuff for today (what I’m actually doing)
  • Let’s Encrypt, Updates, Art Play, Schedule
    • Schedule at is not working.  Need to find a new way to handle that.
    • Wrote to see if there is any updates on it.
  • Let’s Encrypt
      • Certbot is broken need to fix
      • Done
  • Updates
      • This needs a profile update…
      • Update GCC
        • In process.  May not finish before going to bed.
      • Fix Cerbot
        • Temporary move “too new” idna out of ~/.local…
      • Preserved Rebuild
        • This worked
      • update @world
  • That’s it…  More to do next stream:
    • Finish Crying Emoji
    • Find way to replace
    • look at (not sure that’s the right one).
    • Finish updates…
    • Do updates on other machines…

OK, calling this day done.  At least work wise…

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