Art Stream – 2018 January 29 – To Do

It looks like this is the first to-do I’ve done for my play stream so let’s start broadly:

  • Stream Start
  • Stream To Do
  • Stream Done
  • Other Projects new To Dos
  • Social Media Posts
  • Play Stream Future To Dos

Those are the broad things that I want to do with my streams, these are “Art Streams” or “Play Streams” or whatever inspires me.  No agenda really before I start off for the day…

  • Stream Start:
  • Stream To Do (Past Streams)
  • Write Stream Done post
  • Write stuff for other streams (if it comes up)
  • Write posts for Social Media
    • Remember what I’m doing with that
  • Future stuff for Play Stream
  • OK, today:
    • Patreon Post for Friday’s Open Psychology Stream (done)
    • Let’s Encrypt Certificates
    • Updates
      • matrix (I believe that’s been done, but check)
      • psychology open (I hope I don’t need a profile update)
    • Art Play
      • Finish of crying Emoji
      • Possibly write about the process
    • Schedule
      • seems well done
        • Checked to see if there is an update.
      • Figure out some alternative (possibly psychology open, or jigme datse?)

That looks great for now.  There are a number of things on the “to do” list above that I will want to look at.  But not right now.

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