Open Psychology Stream – 2018 January 26 – Stream Start

I have started (about 25 minutes ago when this will be posted I think, 22 at the time of writing this sentence) the work stream.

I believe that I have got myself able to do these streams a bit better than I expected.  I just went through a bunch of messing with all my settings.  I deleted all my “dotfiles”.  They contain most of the configuration and stuff like that so things got badly broken.

This has meant that everything has been more difficult than it was, but it also has meant I can set things up “from scratch” again, so I can see new ways of doing things.  This is the first time since I have done that that I have managed to do much work at all.

Almost 2 weeks ago, I started a “play stream” (I still have the stream schedule on Speq which is currently not loading, so I may end up using something else if this continues to be broken) and found I got a bit done, but not as much as I had hoped.  Other than that it has been “a really long time” since I managed to sit down and do any work.

Part of that has been I have been hit by “a bunch of computer problems” that have thrown me for quite a loop.  First off, I started to look at the Meltdown and Spectre problems, and when I was able to do some updates to fix that, I managed to do that, but it took about 18 hours or whatever before I settled to get the kernel working, but that has lead to another problem (which wasn’t manifesting until I changed other things, so more on that later).

About 2 weeks ago, I realized that I needed a load more storage on my computer, and had planned on getting myself a couple of new SSDs, but decided to stick with just the one, as it would give me enough space to work with probably for several months, but it took a week longer for the drive to get here, but I was just not feeling up to doing anything until it got here.

When it got here, I was realizing that I couldn’t find myself any cables (so far I haven’t found any that I thought I might have had), so I unplugged my Optical drive, and started to put everything back together, only to have one of my cables break, so therefor, it just wasn’t going to work that way…

I ordered cables, and managed to get things up, but I changed my drive order (maybe should protect myself from that in the future, as it seems like it is a “very good idea” to not be hit with things like drives being in different order by the computer settings.

Then I started moving things over, and I got things moved (I thought) and then realized none of it was quite working.  So, I did a bunch of digging about…

I couldn’t fix some of the stuff.  But then I found that there was a problem that just didn’t make sense at all (and I’m not sure this is the real problem or not) which is that my computer keeps just freezing, and I think that it has something to do with the fact that my NVIDIA drivers are having serious issues.  If I remember (before it happens, as I don’t currently have a lookup for it) that I can “press” Ctrl-Esc and get KSysGuard to open up, I think I can manage to get things back without too much damage.

So, today about 20 minutes before I needed to come on, I decided to move toward getting online, and managed to start my stream in about 25 minutes.  So, that’s where I’m at now.  And I’m going to send this out.

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