Open Psychology Work Stream — Starting now

Just writing this at the early part of the stream.  I am working on Open Psychology stuff.  I have a few things that I want to do within the next little while (might take a few months) and want to list them here as I will be working with some of this today:

  • Spoon Theory/Splines Theory
    • These are different, but related in my mind
  • How to support autistics
    • This was how the question was posed, but will be more general I hope
  • “Conversations with People Who Hate Me”
    • A response to the podcast
    • My personal (and recent) experience with attempting this
  • I thought there was more
    • There was, but I was thinking about that in the shower, and that was more than 4 hours ago.

Just a quick little what you might see.  My intention, and probably where I will be going, is to start with that first topic.

Today I hope that it will not have any reason for the Mature tag on the stream.  The stream is at

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