Open Psychology Stream — 2018 January 5 — To do list

Let’s look at what I have for To Do tasks.

I think I’ll start with what I have for the Datse Multimedia Stream list:

  • Look at latest To Do
  • Look at latest Done
  • Create New To Do
  • As Working, Create New Done

Let’s see what we have for latest todos?

OK, let’s look at what I want to work on today.

  • Open Psychology Site
    • Spoon Theory/Splines Theory post
    • not sure if more…
  • Psychology Open Site
    • Look at riot (do I need to update it?)
      • It needs to be updated, but not now
    • Probably nothing else there.
  • Autism Jobs Site
    • Nothing to do here.
    • Need to look at what I will need to do soon.
    • Will need to look at the future work that I want to do here.
  • Pen Psychology Site
    • Don’t expect to do anything with it either.
    • Look at putting a contact form there.
  • Social Media
    • Twitter
      • Write Stream Start
    • LinkedIn
      • Write Stream Start
    • Patreon
      • Write closing work post
      • Write post about any content creation/changes
    • LiberaPay
      • Mention various other places
    • Plurk
      • Write stream start.
    • Picarto
      • Stream the work
      • Mention various places
    • Chat
      • IRC
        • Just keep in touch
      • Matrix
        • Keep in touch
      • Discord
        • Write how to connect to our Discord “guild”
      • Other
        • No known other
    • Other
      • No Known other.
  • Future Topics
    • Neurodiversity
    • Consent
    • Response to LittleLoliKat’s video.
    • Sexuality
    • Gender Identity
    • Showing mistakes
    • Kink communities
    • Identity vs. actions
    • hmmm… not sure…
    • New from stream start:
      • Spoon Theory/Splines Theory
        • These are different, but related in my mind
      • How to support autistics
        • This was how the question was posed, but will be more general I hope
      • “Conversations with People Who Hate Me”
        • A response to the podcast
        • My personal (and recent) experience with attempting this
      • I thought there was more
        • There was, but I was thinking about that in the shower, and that was more than 4 hours ago.
  • Other
    • No other topics I can think of now

This really looks like a load of stuff to look at.  This is a long time list, not just today.

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