Open Psychology Work Stream — Work Done — 2017 December 29

Here I am writing what I have done so far with the stream, and continuing with what I will be doing for the next little while so what have I done?

  • Got microphone working.  Though I have too low volume, and the keyboard noise is far too much.
  • Wrote a brief post about what I am doing with the stream to announce it on Twitter.
    • This got posted to Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Wrote a new to-do for today’s stream (it has stuff way down the road still).
  • Created this done list.  It isn’t quite ready for the first publish (heck it won’t be until I’m done, but saving draft).
  • New future topics:
    • Neurodiversity
    • PTSD
    • Trauma
    • ABA
    • Lovaas
    • Reparative Therapy
    • Gender diveristy
    • Overton Window
    • Making change happen
  • I have written the post responding to littlelolikat’s video about consent in public.

That is really pretty darn good.  That post is over 7000 words…

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