Open Psychology Work Stream — 2017 December 29 — To Do List

Let’s look at what I have for To Do tasks.

I think I’ll start with what I have for the Datse Multimedia Stream list:

  • Look at latest To Do
  • Look at latest Done
  • Create New To Do
  • As Working, Create New Done

Let’s see what we have for latest todos?

OK, let’s look at what I want to work on today.

  • Open Psychology Site
    • Post update about the littles and caregivers post
      • Done last week, looking along same line, but in a different direction
    • Write response to the video from LittleLoliKat about “consent in public”.
  • Psychology Open Site
    • Look at riot (do I need to update it?)
      • It is up to date
    • Probably nothing else there.
  • Autism Jobs Site
    • Nothing to do here.
    • Will need to look at the future work that I want to do here.
  • Pen Psychology Site
    • Don’t expect to do anything with it either.
  • Social Media
    • Twitter
      • Write Stream Start
    • LinkedIn
      • Write Stream Start
    • Patreon
      • Write closing work post
      • Write post about any content creation/changes
    • LiberaPay
      • Mention various other places
    • Plurk
      • Write stream start.
    • Picarto
      • Stream the work
      • Mention various places
    • Chat
      • IRC
        • Just keep in touch
      • Matrix
        • Keep in touch
      • Discord
        • Write how to connect to our Discord “guild”
      • Other
        • No known other
    • Other
      • No Known other.
  • Future Topics
    • Neurodiversity
    • Consent
    • Response to LittleLoliKat’s video.
    • Sexuality
    • Gender Identity
    • Showing mistakes
    • Kink communities
    • Identity vs. actions
    • hmmm… not sure…
  • Other
    • No other topics I can think of now

This is a very full list, but some of this is stuff that is just ongoing stuff, and other is future stuff.  Want to keep this at least up to date on both of those things in terms of those things.  This is likely to get much heavier over time, but it is stuff that I really need to look at as I am working on stuff.

I think this is good for today.  Will publish, get the permalink, and add this to the to do lists at the top.

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