Open Psychology Project — Done Work — 2017 December 23

Hey there, I am just starting on some work.  Right now so far I have done a little bit of work, I have:

  • Created a quick “stream going live” post:
    • Posted to Twitter (configured it)
    • Posted to Linked In
  • Updated Previous To-Do:
    • Posted to Twitter
    • Posted to Linked In.
  • Working on this Done post…
  • Now I’m going to look at the Littles and Caregivers Post which I am intending to post an update on.
    • OK, that has been posted.  The Followup has been posted.
    • Looking at Patreon.  Created a post on My Patreon, it is advanced access.
    • Posted about Patreon and picarto on Twiter.
  • Looking at future topics:
    • Neurodiversity
    • Consent
    • Response to LittleLoliKat’s video.
    • Sexuality
    • Gender Identity
    • Showing mistakes
    • Kink communities
    • Identity vs. actions
    • hmmm… not sure…
  • I’m going to check to see if my riot needs updating…
    • Nope, no new versions since I last did the update.  This is a good thing.

I think I’m going to leave things at this.  Next time look at this latest to-do list as well as this current done post.

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