Jigme Datse Yli-Rasku — How this Works

This is about how I have set this site up. As I have mentioned I think on the home page of the site this is partially in response to getting annoyed with how resource heavy WordPress is.

It is resource heavy both on the server, and on the client machine. A lot of the sites out there are far more resource heavy than I would like to see.

And unfortunately some of the "solutions" which I have seen have been to simply offload the processing from one place to another. There are big concerns about how much the data centers use in terms of power, and hardware.

These are very important concerns, but when your solution to that is to take what you are doing for web apps (or plain simple websites) and have server side processing being shifted to client side, this almost certainly ends up resulting in more resources being used, not less.

A lot of that is something which ends up with the increased resources that would get used, is that they kind of "disapear" in a way, as it gets distributed across the whole world rather than at specific points.

It's a bit like deciding that the way to deal with the problems with a waste system accumulating too much waste in one place, is to distribute it around the world, rather than in specific locations.

So, what am I doing?

Static Site Being Served

You probably don't really notice this, because it should be invisible to most people who aren't really interested in this, but what you are reading (if you're reading from the site) is a static site which the content is not getting processed on the server.

Even when it might look like a static site from the perspective of an end user, that is not always true. There have been cases where people have written that you want your site to show up looking like it is static, even if you are generating new content for each load.

I will tell you that right now (and as far as I can see for quite some time from now) most, if not all of this content is getting sent exactly as it is on the server.

This allows for a couple of things for me which are really important.

One, it means that what usually is largely static content anyway (with most web sites) actually ends up being sent as effeciently as possible.

It also is easier to set things up, so that caching works properly (though I have to admit, I'm not sure exactly how to do that yet).

And, it also means that I only have to generate the actual content once (well I don't have that quite worked out with what I'm doing with this so every time I create new content, I am currently recreating the entire web site, this can be fixed though I'm not sure that makes much sense).

Use of Generator Script

I am using a generator script which takes Markdown, and converts it to HTML. This I have heard is "not recommended" as it means that the script can break in unpleasant ways (which to some extent it has done for me).

I kind of disagree with that, for a couple of reasons. If you are working with something which is as, "simple" as Markdown it's not likely that there won't be ways to fix it. And with something which is easier to work with like Markdown, compared to HTML it is more likely that you will maintain the content than if you have to have stuff like:

<h2>This is a second level header</h2>

<p>This is a paragraph.</p>

Rather than what I would have here:

## This is a second level header

This is a paragraph.

For longer content like what I have here (87 lines and growing) this would end up being a big pain.

My generator script is a combination of some bash scripts and a few small utilities. It's freely available on the Gitlab Project which unfortunately isn't as well documented as I would like it to be.

Some of that documentation is likely going to come here. And of course as I'm working on this, I'm feeling that parts of it are likely going to change.

In trying to set this up, I found a new way to handle how I'm doing stuff that is more flexible than the current system (used previously) and actually alows for the level of configuration that I was hoping for before.

Future of this Part

I guess I've gotten to where I wanted to with writing about how things work with this for now, but I have a few future parts I want to include:

I don't know what more will be added here. But I will both blog, and try to have things more up to date on the home page here.

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