Some Thoughts on Google

A few days ago... Or maybe about a week ago, someone on one of the mailing lists I'm on said something about having trouble getting email into Gmail.

The list was a email client list, and it seemed like maybe there was some confusion as to what was going on. The client almost certainly will not be a factor in why a mail server rejects an email (and if it is, it means that they are probably checking things like that due to some, "bad clients" they have experienced).

The nice thing is that even with some sense of, "this isn't really where this problem exists," there was just a few different things that it was, more a matter that it wasn't a client issue.

The person said they weren't happy with Google creating new standards and such. And quite honestly, I agree with that statement. The thing is, it didn't really feel that they understand why there may be issues.

I rarely (if ever) have issues with sending to any mail server (the only one I can think of, was Microsoft which seemed to be a matter of, "we don't accept email from servers which haven't been pre-approved").

We do run our own email servers, and have run into some issues that some servers want a bunch of different things set before they accept email, DMARC, SPF, DKIM etc. This is somewhat reasonable. It can be a pain, but it certainly should help reduce the amount of spam attributed to your server.

Now... After that, I ran into an issue which I did find to be a big pain. I was having trouble with finding something on Duck Duck Go, and I did a !g search and Google (I'm pretty sure knowingly) takes that and goes, "your search looks suspicious". This, along with how they have made it so that YouTube fails to actually set things correctly according to Firefox (at least on my system), is something that does bother me.

Both of these are cases I consider to be anti-competitive practices. They are both cases with how Google will treat things from competing products as "suspicious" or failing to actually handle things properly.

I am almost certain that Google is well aware that they are doing things in ways which are causing problems for people using different products.

Another thing I do run into, is I do have a couple of email accounts which are on Google (it allows you to have YouTube, and access to stuff that you cannot have without a Google account) but every so often I have to go in and look at the settings because my "client" is considered to be "less tracking" er... "less secure" based on what Google says, but the only ones they accept are literally their own clients. And they actually don't say what makes them "less secure" besides, "It's not our client."

This... Will probably be removed as an option relatively soon. Ie. they will not allow the clients that could use email before ... but only through jumping through a number of hoops ... to be able to be used any more.

Why? They don't really say. And people have said, "well that's fine, I just won't use that any more." Unfortunately, not many people will say that.

Another thing, on Mastodon, I had someone ask if Google had sent them email which would indicate that they had not deleted information they needed to?

Well, yeah. Google is asked to delete information (and it's a huge pain to actually get them to do so) and clearly do not. I had a number of "Google Apps for Business" accounts which I one by one ended up deleting because it would become harder and harder to use them, and I could find ways to do the few things that Google was good when I started with which were far more privacy focused.

This is a terrible wall of text, but I just needed to get some thoughts down.

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