Printing and Binding Journal

I have written a few different times before on journalling, and journals a couple of times before. At least, that's what my quick looking says, though I may have mentioned it at other times.

Today, I have decided to print up some of that stuff, and then work on getting it bound.

I am currently printing a short journal (I think 40 or so pages) with a cover. I have found that if I'm using it regularly (I haven't managed that yet) the 40 page version looks to be about a month to fill up.

People may be doing much more than that. If I were taking notes on regular classes, or gaming sessions, or whatever regular things I will take notes on, I probably would find it more difficult to keep it down to 40 pages for the length of a month.


I have decided to try to print 10 copies and get them bound how I want. I feel that part of what I want to do with this is to go through several times in a row of getting this together partially to be able to stock them on Ko-Fi, as well as not having to go through the process every month.

I am using card stock for the cover, and regular paper for the body. This gives me a nice version that I like having, rather than just having the paper weight for the cover.


To get the body to fit nicely in the card stock, I have found (I'll have to try, but I think it's the case) that 1/8 inch or 3 mm works nicely for a signature of this size.

The cover doesn't get trimmed (unless I'm going for smaller than the paper size).

Unfortunately with the tools I have, I have found that doing more than one sheet at a time risks having the paper shift as I'm trimming. Which is not that big a deal if I'm just doing this for myself.

So, I think this is going to be about 200 individual pages, trimmed on 4 sides, so a lot of trimming.


I have been binding my journals using thread. A big part of why I have decided to go that way is that the current staplers that I have available to me are not long arm, and even at "quarter letter" size I can't reliably have them bound on the saddle.

A long arm stapler would fix this, and people have said that they aren't that expensive. And considering, they probably aren't, but it's a big step up in price from any of the other ones I have looked at, that aren't long arm.

Also, I could bind with the thread method books/zines much larger, or more easily multi-signature volumes.

With the "half letter" size I'm using, I have settled on using 5 holes as an odd number of holes (at least for a single signature) seems like a good way to do it, and 3 felt like they'd be too far spread apart.

I also make a template that helps with keeping the holes lined up.

I have some needles, and awls that help with the hole punching and alignment. I also use an old journal that I don't mind damaging to hold the signature as I am punching my holes.

Early attempts, I didn't have my holes lined up, because things shifted, and this resulted in having a fair amount of trouble getting the needle through when stitching.

I have decided that I want to have my knot in the middle, on the inside. The inside seems like it prevents it getting caught, and the middle, in part because I'm not quite sure how it would work on the ends.

A lot of how I have decided to do this, has just been what "feels" right for me. And a lot of what I have here, is just a tiny bit about each of the different processes that are involved here.

The 1/8 inch trims works fairly well. I have printed and bound one version of this. I hope to get the others done before the end of the month.

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