Notes About the Open Psychology Project

While I was participating in a stream of a friend, another person kept mentioning the Open Psychology Project, and the Podcast that existed and really never went anywhere.

I was kind of thinking that it would be nice to have something going with that if there was interest in it. I'm not entirely sure if this person would be someone who would be interested in what I wanted to do with this as they kept mentioning "psychoanalysis," which isn't really something that (at least as best we know) we really agree with.

Yeah, I know, we haven't really read Freud yet, and may never read it so can't totally provide a good answer as to whether or not it's cool or not.

I feel there's a good post about why we don't agree with it, as we underrstand it, and also what we think about how therapy, "works". But the main thing I wanted to do is say something about what the Open Psychology Project was meant to do, and I guess a bit about what ended up not working with it.

The Open Psychology Project wanted to accomplish a couple different things and most importantly making psychology more accessible to people. Not to make "therapy" or whatever we want to call it more accessible, but that the understanding of what psychology is more accessible.

Kind of like how some people make athiesm or scepticism more accessible by explaining it in better ways.

A more "community" focus was to hopefully have a community of people who are connected with the project and contributing in a variety of different ways.

That was a big focus of what we wanted to do with the podcast. To have different voices talking about their experience and understanding around a variety of topics.

Unfortunately I found that making a podcast was too much work, and the only feedback we really got was, "your podcast isn't good enough, you should be doing something as good as this one which has a team of 10+ people doing it, and they've been doing it for 10+ years."

I'd love to be able to do that good with my podcast, but I'm new to it.
It will take some good time to do it. I may return to it, though I'm not entirely sure about that...

I kind of feel that's all I can say right now...

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