I have left Pixiv

Well, maybe not technically at the time this hits the server. But even though I don't think there's much need to say here anything about it, as I don't know that anyone who reads stuff here won't hear from other means that I have left.

I guess the one thing that I can't express easily other places is why I have decided to take the action of actually leaving, and not simply stepping away for a bit.

Some time ago (several years ago I think) I started to follow some creators who I had run into on DeviantArt (not sure the best way to put that as words), on Pixiv. Apparently the rules were enough different at the time, that they could pust stuff on Pixiv that they couldn't put on DA.

This put Pixiv in a "specialist" category for me, sort of like FurAffinity I think (even though the site doesn't have a similar specific audience).
This worked out fairly well when I was still on DA. I could get that special content on Pixiv when I wanted to dive into it, and I could get about as much (probably more) as I wanted there.

Then DA switched to a Wix based theme, and I thought it was a lovely redesign, in the sense that DA was feeling old and dated. I did not like it as I'm not good with change, and as many people stated, they were not happy with switching between a light theme, and a dark theme, with really no choice to find a theme which "worked" for their art (you couldn't decide that you liked one or the other, except in the transition period, and even then, it was the "user" not the artist to decide.

I did feel that some updates were needed, it was an old and dated theme.

Then I started using the new site, and switching back and forth (it was still possible to do at that time), and felt that the new site was much slower than the old one. I mostly just "felt" that it was slower. But I was pretty sure that it wasn't as much slower than the old site as it really felt, but that they somehow just made things fail to feel snappy in the same way.

In the end I did a quick test to see if maybe I was just exagerating how much slower it was, and I found that with the old site taking 100 seconds to do some task, the new site would take over 1.5 times as long. Which as the new site was considered "beta" at the time, I mostly felt was something which could be handled, and I sent a ticket to explain what I was experiencing, and while my initial test was sort of rudimentary (ie. I didn't go through the rigour that I feel developers should, but way beyond the rigour that I think users should), and told them that the new site was making my daily workflow much slower, and more importantly much less enjoyable (the less enjoyable could be attributed to it only being moderately slower, but just "significantly different" and probably would be a QA/UX type answer, which it's sound to say, "yeah sorry about that, but we like it better this way").

I got a response back to my, "It's slower" which I actually had gone and explained exactly what was slower with, "no the new site is much faster, and there is nothing which is slower," to which I did a big enough test that I could compare directly (addressing 100 notifications in both versions, with to the second timings), and showed that "for me" it was over 1.5 times longer to do on the new site.

I ended up posting that publicly, and apparently they didn't much think that my doing so, after having gotten a negative response from their support, that I would post my findings publicly.

In any case, because I had that experience, and just wasn't enjoying it and the support team was being actively hostile, I decided to remove my account. Which means some content I'm no longer able to see on DA.

Which wasn't really a problem. Though I honestly miss the community which was there.

At that point, I started to try to use Pixiv more generally, which it should be reasonably possible to do, without having to jump through hoops in order to make it work out. For a few weeks, I tried to get my suggestions to start to look more like I'd really like to have them look and had very little success with it, as the stuff I had been looking at which was more like a "once a week, and maybe not that often" dipping into art that I don't want to have on my walls all the time, just was dominating still.

I stepped away, mostly thinking not to go back. Then there was a bit of a discussion in one of the chats I'm in, about it, and that it can be used nicely as a "general art site" and that you didn't really have to see all the "adult" content (ie. age restricted, not like "adult colouring books" adult, which I have no idea why it's called that, rather than something less implying "adult themes"), so I went through and I think it took about 2 weeks, and then I got it so that things were mostly coming up with stuff that I more or less liked (at least not mostly adult theme stuff), and was using it regularly to bookmark or whatever term they were using for what I was actually doing, stuff I liked. But I kept finding it was often hard to find stuff that I really wanted.

If I search "green tea" (this was just this past week) I get about 20% that are actually something I would consider to be "green tea".
Onsen (transliteration of the Japanese word for "hot spring" roughly) is better, except that most of that ends up being "adult themed." At least that is something that I would be quite happy to say is "accurately labeled".

I always felt that the search was really poorly thought out. It relies on "tags" only. This is also how Mastodon handles search by default (and I'd say I understand the reasoning there, even though that will make finding content more difficult, it is largely done for the purposes of privacy on Mastodon, which I "feel" is more personal post focused).

So, about a week ago, I was posting a picture there and there was a tag which I hadn't used as a "recommended tag" so I clicked it, as it was in Japanese, without a transliteration, or translation, not knowing what it was and not really caring, because they wouldn't recommend it if whatever decided that it was worth popping in front of my eyes had some "reason" for it (hint, as best I can tell, it didn't have any "good" reason).

I get a terse, harshly worded message saying I did wrong by doing so, which I may well have responded kind of unpleasantly to, because I didn't feel that I really am "responsible" for trying a feature that is put in front of me, by the website, and also I wanted to explain what happened.

In the end, I was told that I absolutely was responsible for fixing their site, and if I just fixed their site, it would be good for everyone.

More or less. Apparently while the "staff" appeared to be deeply upset about a tag which was recommended by their site, they seemed to be entirely unable to fix a problem that they should be able to do with little difficulty.

As I've said, I already go through periods of it being really frustrating how stuff I don't really want to be recommended to me (adult content in particular) ending up filling up my recommendations. This I felt was largely due to my "bookmarking" art of that sort, and "following" those artists, so I had gone through a period of purging both those follows and bookmarks, and only "looking" at the works, but that would end up meaning that for a few days afterwords, I would have to go through that content being there again in abundance. Oddly, with no generic way to really turn it off, as there is no tag I could "block" in any way.

In the end, after what is probably a "chat" which exceeds the length of this, I have "deleted my account." It feels very much like a Facebook type situation, where there's not really a good solution for people who want to follow people there. While I know that I end up isolated when all I have is a website, and no "social media" type place I post stuff, as it was there, I honestly only had a half dozen artworks up and I've got almost as much here (it's a bit more of a pain to post here as I do everything very manually), and I really felt that Pixiv didn't have a "community" at least that I connected with in any way.

I'm a bit upset that a site that I was able to visit daily, has become something that all the negative aspects ended up being too much. Or more that, there wasn't really a nice balance with some positive aspects to keep me there. The management of Plurk really sucks, but there continues to be an enjoyable community, and really that's the main reason for being on Plurk.

I think that ramble is enough. I am leaning more and more to All Capitalism Is Bad, not that I really felt it was good but more that some people may well be working more or less in a capitalistic framework and still do good things. I just doubt that more and more.

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