Zines, Journals, and Journalling Zines

This is a bit of an update from when I last posted something here, and my lack of progress with well much of anything. About a month and a half ago I wrote that I'd setup two sites, one which is just some stuff for myself another site was to setup for a client, and so far not been able to sit down or otherwise successfully look at it.

Not a big deal. I have been working on a few (basically two I think) different zine projects. One has been documenting my process in making zines. Kind of a metazine. Another is to talk about journalling. Oh right and a third one, where I'm using those tools to document my first trying to go through a solo campaign in Querent.

Along with the journalling zine, I have created for myself (and I need to print a new version, as I'm doing monthly versions right now) a journal based on what I'm writing in the Journalling Zine.

Mostly, that's about it. It's not much of anything. I have been playing some games, but mostly just the same ones (Cozy Grove is a great game in terms of being able to play a bit, and come back when you want).

I did play The Room which is a short puzzle game (a complete playthrough video I think was under half an hour). It's sort of an "escape room" type idea, except "backwards" as you enter a room, and find a puzzle, which just ends up taking you deeper. You don't end up "escaping" but simply going deeper. There are 4 editions of it, but only the one on the Switch.

I did find it to be not a good fit for how they developed it for the Switch. They have designed it to be played touch screen when playing hand held, and with motion controls (which I never got to work) when attached to the TV. The touch controls, ended up being frustrating, but workable.
Too often it registered a tap on a relevant item, rather than a pinch to zoom out.

I think that playing with mouse on a PC would work much more in a way that I like.

I've played a few other ones, that I really think I've already mentioned.
I was playing Terraria which had some interest to me, but I just wasn't into it enough to try to figure out why I could never place my Workbench, and then just opened the Nintendo News, and the Terraria news channel was promoting PewDiPie, which I just decided that was more than enough reason to just delete it.

I feel that there are these games which rather than making game play challanging, because it's a fun way to have a game, make controls confusing or difficult, and have, "learning the basics" be more challange, and sometimes not much more to the game. Both of these games it was a matter that the controls seemed to be the issue, or a lack of communicating why something isn't working such as, "you can't put that here," if that's why what you think should be happening, but isn't.

I think this has gone in odd dirrections. I have got the new edition of Brokenpencil and am mostly through it. I can't really give a review right now... I just don't know what to say about it. At least not in a static form. Join us on Discord if you want to talk about it.

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