Jigme Datse Yli-Rasku — Blog 2021 — June 1, Sites Setup

Over the past few weeks we've setup a couple of "new" sites.

These are actually old sites that we had running in other ways, or maybe similar ways, but wanted to bring back up for a variety of reasons.

The two sites are our Moddy Moon Audios which was taken down when we ran into the corruption that is capitalism and how toxic it can be to small creators, even when the justification is, "This is the law," when the law explicately says "It doesn't apply in situations like this."

I'll say more on that later (well the site setup at least).

Technically the other site TR By Hand was running the whole time, but I kept holding off with updating certain things and at a certain point it stoped working in ways that it wasn't a simple fix to get it back up (I thought it was just bringing back the Let's Encrypt certificate, but apparently that wasn't really that simple, and after spending over an hour trying to get it up as it was, it ended up trying to get it to do it the way it currently is setup, on the existing server.

Unfortunately, that didn't work out. More on that later...

Moddy Moon Audios

This site is some mix of social, educational, and potentially into more "questionable" areas which I consider to be "sex work" though it's at the "low end" in most perspectives (though I think it's important to be honest that it is sex work.

I had this setup, and it looks like it was setup with more or less the same way I'm doing this site (in fact, I believe that the tools started as a way to create that site).

There is a lot of work that can be done on that site. I hadn't really had any inkling that I wanted to work on it, then someone popped in and expressed interest in it on the Moddy Moon Discord so I thought at the very least to bring it back up and see where things go with that.

It would be neat if there could be something that happens with that, though not that upsetting if nothing really comes of it. I'm not sure I'm the person who can do that until I get enough people that I'm getting the input I need to not really have to think about it.

Or the money that I can have the time and space to be able to do what I want without having to do a whole lot of trying to figure out how to work out when and where to do the work I need to for it.

There hasn't been problems with this stuff, if anyone has found that any of the stuff I'm doing related to this is "bad" they have either passed me as "trolls" or just I've not even seen what they are saying/thinking.

I'll admit, that I've seen a lot of creators who are doing work in the same area, who have had problems. I'm not sure how much of that is just their response to what happens everywhere, and how much of that is actually related to the community itself.

So, we'll see where that goes.

TR By Hand

This one is a "client" site. Mainly that it's that because it is for someone who isn't me, so I don't really direct content there, and I don't really have the ability to say where and what will happen there.

I do want this to work out to be a good site that I can share and say that everything there is a result of the consultation with myself and the "client."

I expect that it's going to be basic, as with working with this person I have had a lot of difficulty with getting an answer to, "what do you want?" that doesn't get the response of, "what do you want to do?"

I don't want this to be my site. I want this to be a site which is something that is the client's vision. Or at least well directed by it.

As currently setup, it is very much just the bare skeleton of a site, but at the beginning of August there is a "culture tour" planned which may not end up happening due to COVID-19 restrictions.

TR By Hand Setup Process

This was a little weird, and didn't go well. I started to talk with the client to see if this was something worth doing, and decided that because it would be fairly easy, it was going to be worth doing. So decided to do it.

I think that I started this on Friday, and as of last night it was up as the skeleton that I was hoping to have done.

In looking to set this up, I saw there was a server which was setup to run the site, but I knew it wasn't working properly, but I gave it a go to see what might be happening with it.

It was installed and running WordPress, but for some reason it wasn't actually working correctly. I might have managed to get some of the content from when it was working correctly back, but I just didn't really feel that there was a point in trying to do that, if I couldn't really get it so that I could wget or curl the content, I wasn't really sure I wanted to spend the effort to pull it from the database and file system.

I spent probably over an hour trying to get the site working, and finally gave up on WordPress, so started to move to running it as I currently am on the same site.

For some reason in the process of doing that, I was no longer able to log in, and I suspect that what happened, was that the auth process ended up changing, and it hadn't fully fixed the change in how that was working so it had become impossible to login without fixing things on the server which I largely can't do as my usual way of doing that is to boot from optical disk (often a CD as I can put enough on a CD to be able to do it) or USB...

I decided to setup a brand new server, and just kill that machine. It didn't have anything I really wanted to, so ended up bringing up a new server, and had it to the point of, "just need to configure" and ended up taking the weekend off.

Yesterday I thought I'd try to make "just a little progress" on it and ended up getting it to the point that for now I'm pretty OK with where it's at in terms of being able to run it.

I feel that I've missed a good amount on what happened with that, but I also feel that a lot of what I'm missing is just my own ranting.

For now, I'm going to post this. And for future...

Site Future Plans

This will probably apply to all sites I bring up with the tools, I want to be able to publish blog posts without having to update manually a bunch of different files (blog/index.md, blog/year/index.md, topics/n-topics.md, topics/index.md) but rather have one configure file for each post, and the post, which could then end up updating the other files.

It also helps to keep things consistent, and makes it harder to make the kinds of mistakes I feel I make every time I end up posting a new post, as I end up typing things just slightly "not right".

I'm not going to put any "topics" for this post, because I want to just get this out...

Blog Topics