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I have been working on some journalling stuff recently. Well, for a good while it seems. I think it was back in September, and I had been thinking about it before actually starting with that in September (I'm not sure if that September date was shortly after having made the notes that went into the scans from September or not).

A good while ago, I came across a video by "How to ADHD" about the Bullet Journal. I'd heard a little bit about it prior to that, and people talking about it, but it just didn't really click until then.

In that video, she talks about her experience, and I think maybe a little bit about the process.

At that time (which I think was when the video was released) I started to work with that concept a bit, and also wanting to express something about what that process was for me.

Inspiration to write about journalling

That feels like it was a long time ago. But then a while ago I had some inspiration to work more on this, when a friend was asking about Journalling, and I thought I'd go ahead and write a bit about that.

Part of wanting to write about journalling was because I had fallen out of the practice, and wanted to get back into it. And also because of what I felt was a bit of the problem which was expressed well in the "How to ADHD" video.

That being that I was running into some pretty severe executive dysfunction stuff, and I was just not getting stuff done. So I really needed to kick start that some how.

The one thing that I wanted to really accomplish with working on a "journalling project" was to actually get some of my thoughts about journalling down in a way that I could readily share them.

What I've done so far

There are pretty few people who really have any idea that this is more than just a few words here and there, and don't really realise that I've already done stuff which makes this into something more full.

I've been working on initially writing about journalling starting with some of my ideas around "why journal". I know that my ideas and what other people might have are likely different. This is about my experience as it's informed by my communication with others.

I have written a 24 page version of the "why journal" question. This is only part of the "Why Journal". Initially this was conceived as a "zine" which would be something in the order of ~60 pages probably at most. But that seems unlikely that it would be that short.

It may end up at least initially be released as a series of smaller parts of the greater "Journalling Zine Series" but I expect that I'll produce a full bound version of the whole thing, which I'm estimating somewhere in the 200 page range (maybe longer, maybe shorter).

The "Why Journal" I expect to be around 60 pages in itself. The other sections which I expect I will get to after that, may well bring it more like 500 pages. But that's probably before I start to edit it into a more full read as one work version.

I have also produced a version of a journal for my use, which I'm working on producing a version of to be able to sell copies of. So far I have produced a first draft of that, which I have been using the last couple of weeks to try to keep myself on track with what I'm doing with my life right now.

The journal, isn't really how I really envision others doing the journalling, in the sense that I feel that the way that you do journalling is a very personal thing, and creating your own format, is part of the magic of how to come up with something which works for you.

With the idea that I think the idea of creating your own format as the ideal, I also realise that other people (like it was for me) need to have some place to start before going and creating stuff that works for them.

So, by having journals that people can purchase, and use (either by printing the electronic versions, or getting the printed versions) and then go from there, I can be helpful. And... I also realised that I do like the format that I've created for the journal as it currently stands.

Work I'm Continuing With

Mostly I'm continuing to work with the same stuff that I've been doing in the above section. I have done some work to create a second draft of the journal, and I am continuing to work on getting more of the book/zine/zine series written and ready to do some sharing of it.

The Journal

As I have said, I've only produced a first draft, and when I created it as a first draft, I was just trying to do something quickly.

Most of the thinking about setting up the first draft, was "get it so I can do something with it." I was desperate to actually start working with something which was "more" than what I currently had been working with, or more, "not working with."

So, I ended up creating a cover, and a 40 page version of a journal which I expect that it will be a good way to do a monthly journal. It's also small enough to be a way to start with the whole process, without feeling like committing too much to it.

I have been using it for about two weeks (13 days I think), and have filled it up to page 18 (the front material doesn't count in that), so I feel that the size is actually pretty good for that.

I am (once I get this written) going to produce a second draft, which I want to start on April 1st. I noticed some stuff with how I did a really quick version that I'm looking to fix, but doing that has been a bit of a stumbling block so far (though I think I now have the direction to do it).

I'm hoping that the second draft, ends up being something which when I get to the end, and ready to produce the third draft, I'm feeling good about releasing it more publically.

I am still looking for people who would be willing to give feedback on how it would work for them. I think that the contact has what we need to get in touch with us.

If there is enough interest, I may provide a way to get the current draft which will be easier than trying to get in touch directly. Though I do think I might drop a copy on the Discord server. Parts of it have already been put there.

The Book

I am starting to think of this as a book more than a zine or zine series. I do expect that it will start out as a zine, and expand to a zine series, and then eventually become something of a book based on that (possibly even somewhat reworked from the completed zine series).

As it currently stands, I have the "Why Journal" section written to a point that I'm needing to sit down and start planning the next parts of the writing.

I also feel that the book as it currently stands, is maybe not quite how I want it formated. It's a big bunch of text, and I feel that at least for "interest" sake there needs to be some form of visuals to explain some of the things that I'm talking about. Or to express it differently.

The way this has been coming together has been, kind of different. It has been planned in bits and pieces, and coming together in part as I'm planning.

This in a way is a big part of why I'm creating this. To figure out my process in working on a project of this scale. I've worked on some other similar projects, sort of in a similar way. Where I more or less come at them from creating a self-documenting project.

In a lot of ways, I'm not really doing the two previous (is it just two) projects which were self-documenting, because I'm trying to do a bit more planning of it before bringing it to a more finished form (first draft for printing).

It's coming along, and I hope that I'll have at least the "Why" version to a point that I'll have the first version for publication (first edition?) for the Canazine fest that I'll be "attending".


This is the stuff which I have produced which either are pages for the journal or parts of the book. There's not really a whole lot here, but it's kind of my process in getting the book (and I guess the journal) together.

This is mostly the pages which I have created for the journal itself. it kind of seems like that shouldn't be the bulk, as there's a lot more to the book, than the journal, but the book is mostly consisting of the main document, and not stuff coming from the "resources".

For the book, there is the cover page, and a notes page (which I'm actually not using right now).

Scans Et Cetera (Working Pages)

This is probably the biggest part of it in a lot of ways. First off it is to include all the "resources" as well as the pages which I have been actively working on, in the sketchbook, and on the pages from the "working pages".

Part of how this came together was I had done work in my sketchbook which I had scanned, and I wanted to get stuff to work with the half page (folio) sized format that I'm wanting the journal, and the book to be.

I had previously worked in a quarter page format (quatro), and had that working reasonably well.

I wanted to just create a quick letter-folio format, and felt that using those scans as the basis of it was a great way to start.

With that created, I had some nice place to work with the notes that I'd taken.

This whole thing has become a pretty massive thing, but by doing so, I'm getting a better idea of how big ends up being too big.

I haven't got there yet. Even with the quick, unbound version. I know that I can increase the size of a workable signature, from the unbound version simply by binding the signature.

So far, I've not reached a point that I have an unweildy unbound signature and that's at 36 pages (which is actually smaller than the journal itself).

I'm expecting that I'll probably be needing to do archiving relatively soon, as with the next version, I expect that count to increase to a size which will be too much to justify (ie. I'm going to have to cut it down because with scanning the entirety of that, and what I expect is going to be about 6 more pages from the journal, to add to the current count), but I kind of want to go forward, and see where it ends up breaking.

That's pretty much it for now. I should look at the "topics" and other parts that I've done with my site, then I can probably publish this.


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