Toronto Comic Arts Festival, Canzine, Comics x Games Exhibitor Application Sent

Gack, that's a long H1... I have applied to exhibit in the Canzine which I'm likely to be like super small in terms of what I'll be "offering" there.

I have a couple of zines which I hope to be able to list as being available, though I'm not sure how the listings are likely to work out I am mostly doing it to get some exposure to a broader zine community, and to possibly connect with other people.

The festival will be taking place between May 8-15, 2021, which honestly I hope to be spending some time in the garden at that time.

It's several weeks away, so I may have something new for then too.

I will try to keep things more updated between then and now. The dedline for entry as an exhibitor is March 3, you can find details at Canzine coming to TCAF which is at brokenpencil.

I'm not that familiar with them other than knowing they are pretty cool, and Canadian.

Anyway... off to think about what I've done since the last site update here. It's been a while, but we kind of went through a bit of a lull.
Most of what's been happening has really just been new posts.


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