2021 February 11 — Food: Chili Paste, Mango Drink, and Lentil Soup

On Tuesday I did a bit of cooking. I had just wanted to make a bit of harisa, which I've not gotten to, but started making the "Basic Chili Paste" out of Salt Fat Acid Heat by Samin Nosrat.

Chili Paste

This is a really basic product, it starts with dried chilis, which have boiling water poured over, and left to sit for "30 to 60 minutes".

Then you blend it with salt and olive oil.

I made what I think is a pretty major mistake. I forgot to rinse the chilis, and really should have realised that was a mistake right away.

A lot of the dried chilis you can get will have a lot of dust, as they are grown in places which are hot and dry, and then dried in the open air.

Mango Drink

This was actually done last of the things, because, well I kind of just thought to add it. We have dried mango slices which I wanted to see if I could make a reasonable version of mango lassi. Which isn't what I ended up with.

I soaked the mango in cold water (I think maybe if I'd used hot, or boiling water it might have given a smoother version) and then took the soaked mango and blended it with coconut milk powder, and the soaking water.

In the end I put a little bit of my kefir in it.

This turned out pretty well. We have been having a lot of, "there's nothing to eat" so part of what I was doing, was trying to find some ideas to work with which ended up being something a bit different, with what we already have in the house.

Lentil Soup

On Monday there was discussion about making "dal" which seemed like a good idea to me, but then it turned into koftas, and turned into "baked kaftas".

I really felt that I just wanted some form of lentil something. The source of inspiration was Tassahara Cooking by Ed Espe Brown. I didn't really follow the recipe, because he used the pressure cooker, which I didn't really want to.

I started with an onion, 3 carrots, and 2 bell peppers (which were "sweated" in coconut oil). I added a load of lentils to that, and what I felt was enough water that it would cook to a sort of soupy texture.

In the end, I felt I had to add some more water.

This was way less work than I'd often do with something like this, where I would end up making sure everthing is nicely browned and that the lentils have a bit of toasting before I cook, but I really just wanted something which would be nice to eat.

I added some chili paste from earlier, and some salt to it. It ended up not having enough salt in it, but it's a lot easier to add salt, than it is to take it out.

Future Posts

I expect that I'm going to write a bit about the games I've been playing possibly first Atelier Rorona as I got to an end state with that, but also My Time in Portia and Ikenfell.

I am just about finished Middlesex by Jeffery Eugenides, so I'm thinking that I will write a bit about that.

I have some "life" stuff which I have been kind of wanting to write about and kind of wanting to avoid. There might be something about that. It is certainly something which I will touch on with the other stuff. It is connected to stuff like why I decided to play Atelier Rorona and why I took a bit of a break after reaching an end state with it.


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