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The first section I have here, is not a good part for reading, but it really is not something I want to get rid of, nor do I have a decent way to move it. I suggest if you don't want to read a long rambly, poorly thought out mess, to move to the The Game? section and continue from there.

I do think there's good stuff in this section of Rambly Flow of Consciousness Overview just that it's more rather poorly presented.

Rambly Flow of Consciousness Overview

OK, that's better than I was feeling a bit ago about writing this. Not that the topic is bad, or that I'm not really sure what I'm writing here. Just, the brain isn't braining well.

So, yesterday I grabbed my copy of Encodya off of GOG (not happy with them but less unhappy with them than I am with Steam, which was the other choice I had).

I had played the demo some time ago. I decided after playing the demo for a bit, that I was quite happy with the game, and wanted to support it.

It's been a while for it to come out. Significantly longer than I expected. Still, this (especially when it's independent and small team) is not uncommon.

I started it up, and with the introductory before the main menu page, I was kind of expecting sound, but it just wasn't there.

Unfortunately neither was the in game sound. I should remember how to fix this, because every time I have problems like this, I go, "right sound on my computer keeps doing weird things."

Honestly, I'm not sure if it's really just something with my setup (but honestly having output devices which don't actually output sound probably is a little unusual, and to be honest, I'm not sure that it doesn't output, just that I don't have reason to believe that it should be outputting sound coming from the computer).

Anyway, I finally after trying to dig through like piles of files in the install (because honestly I'm not keen on contacting support, last time I did, after 4 weeks I was told, "no we can't support you, because you used the wrong email address for the support request.") I finally clicked that Pulse might be dumping it to the wrong device.

I look, and it looks like the right device, but I select it to move it to the more correct version of that, and dang, sound from the game just selecting it, but move it anyway, and dang sound goes away.

Selecting it again, makes it work, so I exit the mixer, and start playing...

Anyway... I finished the whole game in one day. The game timer read just a smidge over 7.5 hours (less than a minute over).

I tried the tip system in the game a few times (at least 3 times, but one time was before I started the full run, as I just wanted to start over with it.)

Sometimes the hints are actually helpful, because you missed something, but mostly they aren't (or weren't for me, and there's a "cost" explained for them).

I ended up trying to find a way to deal with an obstical, and found a full guide which was poorly written (typing mistakes, spelling mistakes, not clear in bits, and all one long thing (I should talk)). It got me through but it was also far to easy to get more information than I really want from it.

Some of that was it was just a minimally formatted wall of text (kind of like this post, but a bit worse I think) so you couldn't find what you were looking for easily.

Some of that was probably because parts were so poorly written you'd have to read multiple times, from different points to figure it out.

Some was probably, I wasn't really braining that well.

The thing is, I'd have loved to have a better source for finding the answers to my questions. Because I kept going... "dang I just followed 5 steps here, and really was only looking for a slight clue on one thing".

This is really a disjointed post. I'm not happy with it, but it will go out, more or less as it is. I'm just writing stream of consciousness.
It's what I can manage right now...

The game?

OK, this really should have gone further up. I haven't explained anything about the game.

As I said above, there's a demo (some of the content is quite similar to the demo, but it's also enough different that you can't call it the same story parts.) on itch.io. (nope that's not even available any more, the page is there, but the demo download is totally gone (at least I don't see them)).

So, I'm going to just say what I can about the game. I would love to point people to the demo, which was really good, and got me to decide to support the game in the crowdfunding period. It also I think is a good way that you can understand if it's a game you want to get or not.

This is a point and click adventure, set (I could be wrong as the specific year) 2062, with a 9 year old girl protagonist. It is sort of cyberpunk, but with maybe a bit different art style than is typical (you can easily see the art style).

It starts off with just a bit of trying to figure your way through your day, but you know it can't last long as a simple day to day travels (well it could, as there are a fair number of games that do that, and do so for long periods (my recent exprerience with My Life in Portia is a good example of that)).

After a bit (first day really) you find there's something "going on" that leads to a grand adventure.

I'm not going to say more. All of that, and more is in the promotional material, and if that's too much of a spoiler, I'm surprised you're even here.


The gameplay for the most part is fairly straightforward, point and click there are some controls a bit beyond that, (I'd suggest looking at that, as it can really change how you might want to do certain things), and that's the basics of it.

There are "puzzles" to solve throughout, but more of the, "how do I progress the plot." The game is pretty non-linear as a lot of the time the choices you have allow you to do things in different orders.

There is a fair amount of, "can't do X until Y has been done" which makes sense, but it's a surprisingly open world for a fairly tightly controlled narative.

Overall impression

I really liked it. I actually like games of this kind of scale. The few problems that I mentioned above are things with my system.

The problem that I didn't find the walkthrough, or hints that I had hoped for might partially be because the game is pretty new (launched 3 days ago).

I may look at doing a video of playing the game, and splitting it into smaller sections which will hopefully allow a person to find a, "how do you get past this section?" type thing, without ending up being too much of a spoiler.

The first section I was looking at that really stumped me, was because I hadn't realized there was a part of the map I had entirely missed. But finding that "this tool" was the fix to that, I could have worked back to find that tool.

Some of the problems I ran into also in terms of game play, was I wasn't very good at switching characters. Didn't really think about it.

But, it was a good game. And on GOG I'm not seeing complaints about it.


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