Jigme Datse Yli-Rasku — Blog 2021 — Site Update 2

A bit, but not a whole lot has gone on since the previous update, and the site creation.

Main Site

There have been a few updates, well actually quite a few updates along the way.

We have added support information which as of last looking is up to date.

Anything which isn't currently working feel free to look at the where to find us section where you can find where we are available to discuss stuff about this site (some of it isn't quite there yet).

We made some slight changes to the how this works section which gives a bit of an idea of what more will be added there in the future.

That seems to be a bit of a section which isn't quite getting the attention we'd like to give it. Mainly because even though we'd like other people to be able to do similar stuff as we're doing. It's a bit like the blog post about not doing development and that we aren't really sure that it's a good use of our time to be sharing that as it's kind of a pain to figure out how to talk to others about that stuff and it doesn't really seem that there's much interest in it (contact us if you're into that, we'll be happy to try to pull more together if there is interest).

We have made some changes to the CSS. Honestly, I'm not even sure if we've looked at what that looks like in the current form. A big change with that was on my screen, the display is too wide. There are too many words on a line, to make it easy to read.

I really would like to have the font setup better than it currently is and have just started to work on that a bit.

There has been some minor changes to the template. Mostly it is having the where to find us and how this works sections linked in the header and footer.

We've also started to have topics for the blog posts, and have put those in the footer.

Blog Posts

Since the previous update, there have been a few posts.

Early in the month, we posted an introduction to the game Querent which was mostly just our own thoughts after having gone through a couple of times to get some understanding of it.

We intend to do a full writeup about the whole game, and probably do some playing of it, before trying to play with people who we can play games with in person right now (might play some of it online).

A little while ago, I just wanted to do a bit of an update on the books we've been reading and got a little caried away in trying to get a few different things working a bit better with the site around that.

I did a bit of a look as to how the site is ending up shaping up and I see that I'm managing to write a blog post about every 4 days right now, and that seems like a good amount of writing.

Other Stuff

Since writing about the books, I have done a bit of work on getting some work done in Blender, which I am hoping will translate over to a game in Godot.

I have also been trying to get myself to write the next part of the Querent game stuff, but today I wanted to get a little update on what is happening with the other parts before writing more on that.

I also have done a little more on one of the games I'm working on. It's a game using the Twitch engine, and the Chapbook format, around the creation of a game in the Twitch engine using the Chapbook format. It's kind of meta.

I hope that I'll put some stuff up here about that as well.

I think that's about it for now. Let's see how this ends up looking.

Blog Topics