Jigme Datse Yli-Rasku — Blog — 2021 January 2, Querent Introduction

A while ago I backed the game Querent, and got Querent: The Cartomancer's Tome and the tarot deck which was designed for it.

This is a table top roleplaying game (TTRPG) which is focused on storytelling which is done through the help of tarot cards.

Ever since I got it, I have wanted to make sure I have done something to make it so that I can play with it.

The design is such that it could be used as a way of writing a story based on the rules of the game, so I will probably do that to get some familiarisation with how the game works.

I have never been a GM for any game, and I'd like to do a decent job when I end up playing the game with other people, to have at least gone through and have some idea as to how the game is played.

I have gone through the Cartomancer's Tome and made 10 pages of notes which I think will be able to be brought into a series of posts which start to make me feel more confident about how the game works.

I will also work to create the various spread sheets, which help define the game, and how everything is played with the game, which will probably be something I will share with the creators of the game, and request that I be able to distribute them, with reference to the game itself, and also provide them with the ability to share the sheets (and modify them) as a way that people can use them from their site.

I want to go through my notes and start working on bringing this together.

I expect there will be about 7 different posts about different aspects of the game, and it's not really together until all of that comes together.

Also, I expect to post a bit of a play of my own after having done that.

The bulk of the original book is reference that I have simply skipped, as it is either going to be just glossing over it, or going into way too much detail.

For now, I just want to have some idea of what I will have here.

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