Site Updates

There have been a few different updates since I last posted about the state of the site.

Blog Posts

Two blog posts were written, one on not wanting to do development stuff which isn't just for my own interest (this site involves some development stuff, but most of that was to step away from other development stuff which was driving me bonkers, as it involved other people's projects and was more resource heavy than I liked (and involved changing simple systems to complex ones).

Another which was mostly about like what's going on with my days and things like that.

Those are at:

Main Site

This is mostly the start of having contact information here.

I have decided that one thing, is making it "easy" for people to decide to support us. One is to put the simple support links at the footer template.

Also we have created a support page which explains our support options right now. And it implements a new one for people who aren't that happy with the current ones.

We haven't really looked at the main contact page beyond trying to get some idea of what we migth want to add to that page.

Either as separate pages (like the support page) or just a link to the best way to use that.

Hoping to have that better setup shortly.

Blog Topics