Jigme Datse Yli-Rask — 2020 December 24 — Merry Holidays

It is what is considered "officially Christmas" here. Not that we really care that much about what it's called.

Less than a week ago (if I'm remembering correctly) it was made clear that the gift exchanging thing actually was going to happen this year.

I had really not heard anything to indicate that it would. So I plopped down after that, to order some stuff online.

With that ordering, that was gifts for several (4?) people, and some stuff for myself. So far, one person's gifts have come. This is not unexpected to be honest. Though I have heard that the mail has been up to 10 days later than "delivery standard" of late, which here usually is quite a bit after when it actually arrives.


Things will be different. But also, a lot of things will be very much the same.

No one is coming. That's not allowed with the current "emergency measures." Which I felt was good to find out, because honestly that was exactly what I was hoping for anyway.

The gift exchanging is probably going to be somewhat different as it seems that a lot of us have not managed to successfully obtain gifts.

I haven't really been doing anything "shopping" wise since I think at least the end of April. I don't really do much of it anyway. Like as in going down and actually shopping in the shops.

I've done a bit of online stuff. But in the shops shopping really has not been done. Sometimes when doing stuff with family, been managing to do a bit of that.

Part 2 — A Short Break

At that point I took a short break and then decided to take a walk, and eat, and have a bit of a lie down.

During the walk I took a few pictures:

Apple Tree on Christmas Eve

An apple tree on Christmas eve.

Chrismas Eve Flag

Flag and the sky on Christmas eve.

Christmas Eve Mountain

Mountain on Chrismas Eve.

Christmas Eve Garage

Garage on Chrismas Eve.

Christmas Eve Upper Sky

The upper view of the sky.

Christmas Eve Tree Trunks

Some tree trucks I thought were kind of neat.

Christmas Eve Rose Bush

This was taken sort of as an example of a lot of what I wanted to take pictures of, but how they kind of just end up being a garbled mess.

Some future plans

I know, it's taken longer to get this out than I had expected, because I just couldn't get it all together yesterday.

But when I went out to shoot some pictures (it was just had to get out of the house it was noisy, and it was really nice outside) I started to think about some of the ideas I have had before for having posts about some of the photographic things I have been doing.

Like I took a small series of pictures about shooting at different apperatures, and enjoyed that. I'd like to go through and do the various different settings you may or may not have on your camera, and end up shooting a series of pictures which show how each one affects your shots, and eventually get to how you can end up using those different settings to get different effects.

I don't really know how long it might take to do that. I probably won't do a whole lot before the weather turns a lot more "green" as taking pictures in the white persistant colours that we should have or the greys or browns that we do have, can be tricky.

Though shooting it in black and white, or working on the stuff with lighting, and just the sort of monochomatic pallatte is a possibility.

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