Jigme Datse — 2020 December 22 — Site Setup

This is a new site, and probably needs to have some updates as to how I am doing things here, as I feel that I'm missing a few different things with what I'm doing.

First off, I decided that I wanted to have some stuff with having a new version of this site up.

This site as it was originally considered was basically a bit of a summary of the various things that I was doing different places. I think that rather than just sumarising things here, I will probably be having stuff here which does a good job of actually talking about the various things and when possible including the content from other places here.

This is I expect, going to be my primary website for now. I did have the Datse Multimedia website as what I was trying to keep as primary but I decided that was really a "business" website, so I thought that I should have buisness stuff there.

The thing is... I don't really have a buisness because I really don't have real clients. I've tried, but I have failed at that. Which is fine.

So I'm considering that having me as a person is probably more important.

I have got this working right now, and I figure that it should work fairly well. But I know I haven't got the server up and running quite yet. So that could end up being a bit of a pain.

I think, that I can get that working, but it's taken longer than I expected, and part of that is that I didn't realize that I was working with an install of a 6 month old version of the opperating system.

Which unfortunately right now, has proven to be a bit problematic.

So, I hope that I won't have too much trouble with the final bits that I haven't started working on with yet.

I do hope that by the end of today, I will have that up. But it might end up being not until after Christmas if it takes longer than the end of today.

Currently I am hoping that the issue I was seeing with the one update that was not installing, is fixed, but this has taken some time each time I have tried to install it so far, and it's not failed yet. I think I know what's been causing it to fail, and I think that I have fixed the problem with it.

I won't know really until it either completes, or fails again.

I think this is enough of an update for now. I do have to update some links, and that should be it unless I'll be having more news to share.

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