Jigme Datse Yli-Rasku is well me.  I do a lot of things, and in time they’ll show up here.  I just wanted to introduce myself here briefly.

Who am I?

Darn, you start off with the tough questions.  I am an eclectic person who works in peer support through MindFreedom Nelson which is currently reachable through the MindFreedom Nelson Facebook Page, and MindFreedom Nelson Facebook Group (Bryhre anywhere else we are reachable at?), and soon the MindFreedom Nelson Website.

I also run Datse Multimedia Productions.  We are mainly reachable through the Datse Multimedia Productions Facebook Page right now, I am working on getting the Datse Multimedia Website going.  We also have the Datse Multimedia Productions Twitter Feed.

There also is Gender Outlaws Website that I maintain.  It needs to be updated and brought up to the current status.  We had someone work on the design of it (I don’t believe any content changed other than content related to the design, Christopher may be able to say more about that).

I created the Kootenay Meditation Website.  It is currently down, but soon it will be up, with new and exciting stuff on it.  From that dusty old static website, to a spiffy new dynamic website.

I have also helped create websites for various people including TR By Hand, and FiveWs.ca.

Peer Support

MindFreedom Nelson is a group of people who experience extreme mental states which may or may not be classified as mental illness by the medical model.  We support each other through a variety of means, currently online, on the phone, and in person.  We are located mostly in and around Nelson, BC, though some of our online members are from all over the world.

We offer peer support to each other through our numerous connections.

Datse Multimedia Productions

Datse Multimedia Productions does mainly web development, with an increasing focus on web design.  We also offer photography services and computer consulting.  This is done from the perspective of how can we help you achieve your goals.

Gender Outlaws

Gender Outlaws is a group of gender variant people which I belong to (being gender variant myself).  I am not fully sure how I identify, gender queer sort of fits, though I do not really bend the gender roles all that much, I just feel that I identify neither male nor female, so it is all very confusing.  Yet, in many ways not confusing at all.

Kootenay Meditation

Kootenay Meditation was a website that I created for a school project.  It was designed to hold the art of meditation.  I didn’t do a great job of it, but it stayed up for a good while, and is now in need of a good refreshing.  Soon I will take a look at it and give it a good facelift with a new custom theme (yes, custom themes, that is what I am doing these days) probably in WordPress.

Other Websites

I have worked on a number of websites including the two mentioned above.  Those two are ones that I currently have a little bit of work that I have to do on them.  TR By Hand is starting to look like it is taking shape and starting to recover.  There is a good amount of work that needs to go into it.  It currently is sitting as a blog, with very little structure.

Five Ws is a site that was intended to be a little bit of an exploration of, just about any topic.  For whatever reason it did not take off, partially because I did not spend the time helping the client with creating content, which it seems often clients need to start off with.

Why Just My Online Life?

I guess that some of that is that the online life covers a good portion of what I am doing elsewhere.  At least partially.  For now I will be leaving this at that.


  1. Chris
    Posted 2013 October 5 at 10:51 | Permalink

    Looking forward to checking more often for new stuff 😎

    • Posted 2013 October 5 at 18:54 | Permalink

      There will be different stuff showing up. Looking on adding some peer support stuff tonight.

    • Posted 2013 October 13 at 20:12 | Permalink

      There is now new stuff in the blog as well as a few new pages. Trying to keep things up to date with at least one blog post, and one page per week. It has been working not that badly lately. Need to add a page soon.

  2. angelia
    Posted 2013 October 7 at 19:22 | Permalink

    wow.. I love the Nelson Group! thanks for creating it!

  3. anarchistbakery
    Posted 2014 February 24 at 07:29 | Permalink

    I think you have it covered Jigme! Great work so far.

  4. Posted 2015 January 17 at 12:03 | Permalink

    Hey there. Just dropped by to see whats happening. ♡

    • Posted 2015 January 17 at 18:53 | Permalink

      Nothing happening on the site. Not much in the way of motivation to do well, anything. Just want to forget about everything, and stop doing anything. Including the breathing, and heart beating stuff…

    • Posted 2015 February 3 at 00:17 | Permalink

      Little bit today. I think this is here, but not really sure…

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